1962: First to broadcast the story that Tom Landry was the first coach in NFL History to receive a 10-year contract.

1963: First to broadcast from the Neiman Marcus fire in downtown Dallas.

1963: Reported to be the first newsman to broadcast the bulletin that President John F. Kennedy had been shot by a sniper in Dallas.

1963: First to air the fact that suspected assassin of President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, had lived in Russia, was a Marxist and reportedly had been under surveillance by the FBI and the Secret Service.

1963: First to broadcast interview with Jack Ruby's sister about his actions in the slaying of Lee Harvey Oswald.

1963: First to break the news that the Dallas Texans were moving to Kansas City. They became the Kansas City Chiefs.

1967: First sportscaster to become the play-by-play announcer for the Houston Mavericks of the American Basketball Association.

1968: First to break the news of medicine's first multi-organ transplant performed by Dr. Michael DeBakey at Houston Methodist Hospital.

1968-69-70: First Houston radio reporter to win the Houston Firefighter's award three consecutive years.

1973: First San Antonio sportscaster to become a member of the Spurs broadcast team joining Dallas sportscaster Terry Stembridge.

1975: First sportscaster to broadcast an NBA game from the New Orleans Superdome on radio.

1979: First reporter to broadcast live from the scene of the Fiesta Battle of Flowers parade sniper attack in which two persons were killed and 52 others were wounded.

1981: First announcer to broadcast a UTSA basketball game. Voice of the Roadrunners for five seasons.

1984: First television reporter to be named most popular radio play-by-play broadcaster by the San Antonio Light.

1990: First announcer to broadcast a basketball game from the McDermott Center at the University of The Incarnate Word.

1993: First San Antonian ever honored by Southwest Airlines with the Good Neighbor Award.

1995: First San Antonio sportscaster to broadcast the state championship games from Austin in basketball and football in the same season. Both teams won state championships.

1996: Produced a series on the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Biuilding called "A year of Tears in Oklahoma.

1996 - 2002: Continued to report on the San Antonio Sports Scene.

2003-2004: Host of the Gary DeLaune South Texas on News9 San Antonio

Sept. 2005: Honored by the San Antonio Police Department for his years of reporting police events.

April 2006: Named to the Lone Star Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.

October 2007: Inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Other members are: Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather,  Bob Schieffer,  Verne Lundquist, Brad Sham, Sam Donaldson, Bruce Hathaway, Ricci Ware & Willie Nelson 

Member Texas Radio Hall of Fame!

Sports/News Correspondent   -   San Antonio, Texas
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Gary has had many "firsts" in his career. In 1963, he was reported to be the first to broadcast the bulletin that President John F. Kennedy had been shot by a sniper in Dallas. As a young Dallas newsman DeLaune reported the tragic events involving the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby.

Former Senior Sports Correspondent for TXN: The News of Texas. DeLaune is a consultant, broadcaster and journalist. Available for speeches and seminars to provide information about a company's media relations as well as providing insights to news and sports broadcasting. DeLaune is a 50 year veteran as a high school play-by-play announcer in Texas and has been involved with college and professional sports teams since 1961 when he served as a broadcaster for the AFL Dallas Texans for two seasons and was a member of the Dallas Cowboys broadcast team for three seasons in 1964, 65 and 66.

From 1968 through `71` he was the voice of the Houston Astrodome. DeLaune has also been the announcer for the Houston Mavericks of the old American Basketball Associaton, Southern Methodist University basketball, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos and The University of Incarnate Word Crusaders.

Originally from Kansas, he graduated from Oklahoma University with a BA in Communications. After serving in the U.S. Army he worked as an assistant to Chick Hearn at KNX in Los Angeles. He began his Texas radio and television broadcast career in 1960, first at WFAA, KLIF and KDFW-TV in Dallas, then KNUZ and KQUE in Houston and finally at KENS-TV in San Antonio, where he worked for 28 years as a reporter, producer and sports anchor.. DeLaune has received numerous journalism awards including the Associated Press Best Radio Documentary Award for "Jack Ruby's Eleventh Hour"; (1967), the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Best Television Sports Feature (1975 and 1990),the AP Best Feature Award (1975) and the Associated Press Best Spot News Award (1979). In 1968, he was the first to report on a multi-organ transplant performed by Dr. Michael DeBakey. In 1973 he was the first San Antonio sportscaster to become a member of the Spurs basketball broadcast team. He has been a two-term president of the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Association.

He has appeared in two Universal Studio Movies, playing the part of a sportscaster. DeLaune owns Gary DeLaune Productions which has produced 15 sports and news documentarie which included "Hail Mary...20 Years Later" the story of the famous pass from Roger Staubach to Drew Pearson and the German production, "Deutschlandt Democracy After The Wall".

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